Student Resources

Additional resources can be found on each teacher's website.

Student Email
Log in to your Google Apps account.
Follett Destiny
Library Search
Search for a book in our school library.
Teacher Websites
Go to your teacher's web site.
Math Practice, K-5th Grade
Play Dreambox Math. If you need a school code (for example, to use Dreambox on an iPad), it is 76xa/stfoa.
Math Practice, 5th-8th Grade
Work on Khan Academy.
Encyclopedia for Younger Students
Encyclopedia for elementary and middle school.
Login is "sfastudent" and password is"francis."
Encyclopedia for Older Students
Encyclopedia for middle school and higher.
Login is "sfastudent" and password is "francis."
K-5 Science
Pearson Science.  (You need your login information from your teacher.)