Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan for the years 2019-2023 was generated with input from across the entire SFA community. It was approved by the Pastor and the School Board in 2019. You may download the full plan from the link to the right.


It is the cornerstone of our Mission & Vision that we are a Catholic School, forming missionary disciples for Jesus Christ. We must honor and grow our Catholic Identity.
Initiative 1.1 - Improve student knowledge of the Catholic faith.
Benchmark - SFA’s ACRE test scores will meet or exceed the national average by 2023.
Baseline - National average is 69.4 and 77.8 for 5th/8th; SFA is currently 67.8 and 62.7
Initiative 1.2 - Improve outreach and education to families on matters of faith.
Benchmark - SFA will increase by 2% of Catholics and 4% of active parishioners by 2023.
Baseline - SFA is currently 53% Catholic and 46% parishioners.
Initiative 1.3 - Improve integration of Catholic values in student peer relationships.
Benchmark - SFA will achieve Gold PBIS recognition level from MSDE by 2023.
Baseline - SFA is currently Bronze level.


As an institution of learning, our primary focus is on the academic growth and intellectual development of our students. We must serve as a standard of academic excellence in the community and beyond.
Initiative 2.1 - Achieve National Blue Ribbon status as a school.
Benchmark - USDE invites application at 70th percentile in both Reading and Math on Iowa.
Baseline - SFA currently averages 67th percentile in Reading and 57th in Math.
Initiative 2.2 - Renew authorization of the IB Middle Years Program (MYP).
Benchmark - Process is ongoing every 5 years, due for renewal in 2019-2020 at SFA.
Baseline - SFA’s initial authorization for the IB MYP was granted in 2015.
Initiative 2.3 - Maintain Level 5 Maryland EXCELS recognition for Preschool.
Benchmark - Process is ongoing annually, and SFA must resubmit each year.
Baseline - SFA was first recognized at Level 5 in 2018.


It is essential to the success of each student that the physical plant and campus grounds support a robust and dynamic learning environment. Our school must be a safe place that enhances and maximizes each child’s potential.
Initiative 3.1 - Improve building security and efficiency.
Benchmark - SFA will support best practices recommended by cooperating institutions, including federal, state, and local governments, and the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
Baseline - Recent security investments were made in each of the last several years, but aging building concerns and today’s school security landscape require an ongoing focus.
Initiative 3.2 - Improve size and quality of learning spaces.
Benchmark - SFA will support best practices recommended by research in the field of Catholic education, and as guided by the Archdiocese of Baltimore.
Baseline - Recent academic and aesthetic investments were made in each of the last several years, but aging building concerns and changing populations require an ongoing focus.


Strong schools demonstrate fiscal responsibility and excellent stewardship of their resources. Our school must be financially healthy in order to successfully support students, staff members, and families.
Initiative 4.1 - Increase teacher salaries in order to retain and recruit quality staff.
Benchmark - SFA will provide teacher salaries equal to 80% of Baltimore County Public Schools by 2023.
Baseline - SFA 2018-19 teacher salaries averaged equal to 72% of BCPS.
Initiative 4.2 - Maintain a budget that provides for a net operating surplus.
Benchmark - By 2023, SFA will budget a surplus representing 2% of the operating expenses.
Baseline - SFA currently runs a balanced budget, but without a defined surplus goal to account for extraordinary repairs or unplanned expenses.


Institutional advancement requires a commitment to long-term vision and ongoing planning for the school’s future. Making our Mission sustainable and viable for the next generation of families must be a priority for the school.
Initiative 5.1 - Increase total school enrollment.
Benchmark - SFA’s total enrollment will be 275 by 2023.
Baseline - SFA’s 2018-19 enrollment was 253, with 62 in PK and 191 in K-8
Initiative 5.2 - Improve Development funding, including Annual Fund, gifts, and grants, reducing exclusive reliance on traditional parent fundraising support.
Benchmark - SFA will generate development funds equal to 5% of operating income by 2023.
Baseline - SFA’s current development efforts represent 3.5% of operating income.