Danielson Framework for Teaching

In concert with the Archdiocese of Baltimore Department of Catholic Schools, St. Francis of Assisi School has adopted the Danielson Framework for Teaching for its professional growth and evaluation system. Teachers are provided professional development and ongoing training in the expectations of what constitutes quality instruction. We believe that modern educators can and must adopt the same growth mindset we encourage for our students. Our professional educators are always seeking to learn, grow, and improve their craft!

The Framework for Teaching is a research-based and validated set of components of instruction. 
By approaching this work with a constructivist perspective, the Framework gives voice to what all educators know: teaching is very complex. 
To navigate these complexities, the Framework organizes this work into four domains, 22 components, and 76 elements. Through these areas, educators can grow and develop in their profession, with excellent results along the way. ~ The Danielson Group

The Framework for Teaching consists of Four Domains that represent each of the areas considered vital to teacher performance. All teachers are evaluated regularly by the administration and provided constructive feedback on their instructional methods.