Summer Learning & School Supplies


We believe in a summer focused on faith, family, and friends!  Students should be able to relax and have fun during their summer break!  We also know that summer is often a time of preparation for the next school year, and that keeping students busy and curious during the summer months is valuable to their ongoing cognitive development.  With that in mind, we have designed a set of activities for each grade that we encourage you and your child to engage in during the summer.  Each item is weighted with a certain amount of points and students should make choices from the list to earn the targeted amount of points.

Students in Grades 3-8 will have a writing assessment in the first week of school each year that gives them the opportunity to reflect on their summer learning.  It will count as a grade for the 1st Trimester.  Please read the specific summer work sheets for the details at each grade level.


Likewise, we know parents are often trying to get ahead in their planning for the fall.  To that end, we are providing school supplies lists for each grade so that you can get prepared at a time that is most convenient to you!  Please read the lists from each grade level for the specifics.

We have also partnered with to provide an added level of convenience to parents!  CLICK HERE or click to the right on the graphic, you will be taken to online versions of the school supply lists for each grade level.  You can fill your cart with one click, and then choose to pick it up at the store or even have it shipped to your home!  Purchasing school supplies has never been easier!  Please note that all students K-8 should have a book bag, lunch box, and water bottle.  We eliminated these items from the online lists because the ordering is usually a matter of personal choice and design for each child.  After purchasing online, please verify with the list below to make sure you have everything!