Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship.

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Rebecca Malone
maloner@sfa-school.org x112
Mary Carol Lidinsky Assistant Principal
International Baccalaureate Coordinator
lidinskym@sfa-school.org x118
Katie Kerr Preschool Director kerrk@sfa-school.org x106
Carol Will Director of Admissions and Student Support willc@sfa-school.org x106


Lisa Bradford PreK 2's bradfordl@sfa-school.org x105
Christina Hill PreK 2's hillc@sfa-school.org x105
Shamia Hodge PreK 3's hodges@sfa-school.org x102
Mariya Mohre PreK 3's, Music,
Computers, PE
mohrem@sfa-school.org x102
Katelyn Smith PreK 3's smithk@sfa-school.org x102
Brianne Genter PreK 3-4's genterb@sfa-school.org x103
Michelle Hoehn PreK 3-4's hoehnm@sfa-school.org x103
Veronica Gross PreK 4's grossv@sfa-school.org x104
Angela Pinto PreK 4's pintoa@sfa-school.org x104
Amy Walsh
Kindergarten Teacher
Lana Howell Kindergarten Aide howell@sfa-school.org x110
Sharon Foley 1st Grade foleys@sfa-school.org x111
Emily Mader2nd Grade madere@sfa-school.org x107
Staci Stelmaszczyk 3rd Grade stelmaszczyks@sfa-school.org x108
Melissa Mitala 4th Grade mitalam@sfa-school.org x116
Rosita Jackson 5th Grade jacksonr@sfa-school.org x115
Mary Jo Broderick Middle School broderickm@sfa-school.org x113
Scott Sands Middle School sandss@sfa-school.org x117
Andy Bopp Dramaboppa@sfa-school.org

Mary Carol Lidinsky Middle School lidinskym@sfa-school.org x118
Hanna Guilfoyle Middle School Spanish guilfoyleh@sfa-school.org x119
Jean Kelley Liturgy kelleyj@sfa-school.org 410-235-5136
Doreen Williams
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Support Staff

Rebecca Goldberg
Aftercare Coordinator
goldbergr@sfa-school.org x106
Carol Ciuchta Secretary secretary@sfa-school.org x100
Sandra Fabella Bookkeeper fabellas@sfa-school.org x101
Margaret O'Leary Nurse Consultant nurse@sfa-school.org
Connie Harris Counselor counselor@sfa-school.org