Student Services

Meeting Individual Student Needs

Academic support is provided where appropriate for each student at SFA.  We have an on-site reading/math specialist who provides pull-out support to qualifying Title I students.   We also have two teachers who provide pull-out academic support to all students in need of additional support.

We develop accommodation plans when appropriate to support individual students.  To receive accommodations, students must be assessed by an outside professional.  The Child Find office through your local public school system provides this service at no cost, but private testing is also acceptable.  Our Student Advocacy Team meets regularly to discuss students with service plans and how we can best meet their needs.  We stay in regular contact with parents to facilitate this ongoing effort.

In addition, a licensed, clinical social worker serves as our school counselor two days per week. She provides emotional support and guidance, and can also serve as a liaison with external service providers.

For additional questions, please contact the Learning Specialist, Amy Walsh at 410-467-1683.